TURKEY TO GET 40% OF CRETIAN FIND – Secret cash flown into gas-rich Cyprus – Troika contractors strip the Greek corpse -How Berlin exaggerated Athens’ problem to win Europe

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From The Slog

Senior Athens sources last night confirmed The Slog’s blogosphere exclusive from last Monday on the subject of 70% of the income from Cretian energy and rare earth finds off Crete going into non-Greek coffers. But further evidence of bribery and energy finds in Cyprus show yet again that Greece’s sphere of Mediterranean influence is merely an unwilling prize in the ongoing energy, banking and German hegemony game.

Said a senior Greek Government consultant yesterday:

“All I know is that the Professor [minerologist Antonis Foskolos] is absolutely correct. I have the technical reports to prove it…..there is a secret deal whereby Turkey gets 40%, Greece 30%,

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